Security should be a top priority for all businesses. One of the best ways you can secure your business and protect it from crime is with a mobile patrol. In this article, we highlight a few of the many benefits of mobile patrol services to demonstrate why they are one of the best security methods for your business.


  1. Mobile Patrols are a Highly Effective Deterrent

Mobile patrols provide a physical presence at your property which acts as a visible deterrent to unwanted visitors. All mobile patrol officers are fully uniformed, making them identifiable from a distance to deter loiterers. This deterrent is a very effective way of preventing crimes such as theft and vandalism from happening in the first place as the mobile patrols ward off any potential criminals.


  1. Mobile Patrols Provide a Rapid Response

Should a crime occur, mobile patrol officers can provide a rapid response to catch a criminal in their tracks and prevent any unlawful activity. A mobile patrol can attend an emergency quickly to carry out immediate decisive action to deal with an issue as soon as it occurs rather than waiting for the police to arrive when it may be too late.


  1. Mobile Patrol Officers Carry Out Multiple Checks to Secure Your Premises

A mobile patrol officer will patrol your business premises to ensure it maintains the highest levels of security at all times. They will inspect all areas of your business by carrying out multiple checks and they are not restricted to visual checks. For example, they can check areas not picked up on by CCTV and alarms, identify suspicious behaviour, and provide sufficient inspection of doors and windows to ensure they are secure.


  1. Mobile Patrols Provide All-Round Security for Complete Protection

A mobile patrol will provide all-round security for complete protection. They will perform an efficient and comprehensive tour of your premises inside and out. They can patrol multiple buildings and grounds to make sure every single corner is protected. Mobile patrol officers travel on foot and use vehicles to patrol larger areas and cover more ground to ensure complete security.


  1. Mobile Patrols are Flexible to Your Business Requirements

Mobile patrols can be changed easily as frequently as needed and can be adapted to suit different businesses, premises, and circumstances. Patrol schedules are tailored to you and can be performed both day and night at any time, whether at predetermined times or random intervals. Random checks that do not follow a strict pattern make it harder for suspicious individuals to identify patterns that will allow them to carry out unlawful activities at unpatrolled times.


  1. Mobile Patrols are Cost-Effective

Mobile patrols are more cost-effective than static security guards as rather than a permanent static presence, you can deploy mobile patrols when you need them such as on business downtime. Of course, the presence of a mobile patrol is cost-effective in itself in the long run as they prevent and reduce crimes being committed which cause financial damage to your business.


Mobile Security Patrol at Pride GB

Pride GB offers mobile patrol services which are designed to provide an effective and highly visible deterrent. Our security officers will patrol your premises at predetermined or random intervals to keep your property secure at all times. Get in touch to learn more about how we can keep your business safe.