In order to make sure that your staff and practice is secure in your workplace, internal inspections and checks should be conducted on a regular basis. These methods can ensure that you prevent fatalities, injury and a loss of money. Your business needs to make sure that inspections are carried out for safety and security measures around the workplace- this is the site manager’s responsibility and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

If you successfully carry out and complete inspections regularly, you will have a stored record of evaluation. We can provide you with a security checklist example to give you peace of mind that you are carrying out all the correct practices for security. If you’re looking for an external company to take charge of the security on your site, get in touch with Pride. This blog will also provide practical tips on how to make your site more secure in detail. Although we will do all we can to make sure we cover everything, all sites are different and you should tailor our advice based on your site. 

Construction site security inspection checklist- Making sure everything is in the right place

This is something everyone should use in their day to day life as well as at work. Making sure everything is clean and tidy can help prevent a lot of accidents. Making sure you know where everything is can also help to identify missing equipment and help you understand if the equipment is getting stolen. Each worker should take responsibility for the security of their workspace. Things like access routes, materials, tools, signage and lighting should be assessed daily. 

Construction site security inspection checklist- Have a security policy

We have provided a site security checklist example, which should be carried out daily by each team leader to ensure that security measures are met. It’s very important to make sure that everybody is on the same page and knows the security protocol so that anything suspicious doesn’t go unnoticed. 

Construction site security inspection checklist- Require workers to report any incidents, theft or vandalism

Your staff are at the forefront of everything you do. It’s essential that you understand the power of your staff in regards to security as they have all the knowledge. Staff can be even more crucial in preventing incidents, theft and vandalism than security cameras.

Construction site security inspection checklist- Maintain a record of security incidents

This will enable you to uncover any strange patterns that might help you understand more about your staff. You can either do this manually or do it via a security company. 

Construction site security inspection checklist- Keep an inventory of materials and equipment

This will help you better understand what exact materials you are using on-site. If you do notice something missing, you can check any suspicious activity using your security cameras.

Construction site security inspection checklist- Remove valuable equipment from the site when not in use

If you have noticed from your inventory that you don’t use certain materials or equipment, what’s the point in having them on-site? This reduces the opportunity and temptation for thieves to steal expensive equipment from your site. 

Construction site security inspection checklist- Other ways to ensure the security of your site

Everything mentioned above requires no cost, but if you aren’t bound by money, why not try some other solutions? The most effective ways to improve your site security involve getting lighting, security cameras, alarms, guard dogs, virtual and physical security guards and signage. You can get external companies like Pride to do this for you, who will also hold keys and manage your site security for you. 

We hope you have enjoyed reading this blog, don’t forget to download our construction site security inspection checklist! If you are looking for an external company to take care of your site security for you, check our our website and get in contact with us today!