Pride GB Security Services provide exceptional building site security throughout the UK. We ensure the complete safety of both goods, materials and personnel through the use of a variety of tactics, based on your needs & preferences.


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Pride GB – Construction Site Security Specialists

Pride GB has been providing construction site security to businesses of all sizes and varieties throughout the UK for over a decade. We are well equipped to deal with all the security needs of your business and deter any vandalism or crime no matter the severity. As a versatile provider of building site security, we utilise a variety of services and exercise their benefits to secure your construction site.

Construction sites are locations ripe with opportunities for criminals to take advantage of as well as a challenge for site managers to deal with. Due to the nature of the work that takes place on a construction site, there are numerous factors that can lead to the delay or even the complete halt of progression. From vandalism on important structures to attempts at theft of valuable goods and materials, make sure you employ a specialist like Pride GB today.


Theft is more common than you think

Theft is by far the most common occurrence on construction sites. A 2016 research study found that 21% of construction industry professionals surveyed said that they experienced theft each week and 92% stated that they have experienced theft either monthly or yearly all due to a lack of building site security. 

Building site security has vital importance in making sure that expensive machinery and tools don’t get stolen. Not only does theft implement financial complications within the construction industry, but it also means that jobs cannot get finished on time and impacts labour costs. 

Excellent site security services are the only way to ensure building site security is taken care of within this niche. Our site security services make sure that construction theft is kept at the bare minimum, helping your services run as smoothly as possible throughout the whole year.


Tips to help keep your site secure before our site security services arrive

You can take certain measures to help improve your building site security before we get there. This can include restricting the number of vehicles on-site- if the vehicles on-site are logged appropriately, petty theft with quick escapes will be minimised. Another tip to ensure building site security is to make sure that your staff arrive on foot which can help to prevent access to anyone except authorised individuals. One of the most obvious yet unused ways to ensure building site security is by making sure expensive materials are out of sight or stored in a safety lock up. Building site security can be made a priority for all staff, by ensuring that if they notice anybody unrecognisable around the work area, they notify a manager.


Building Site Security – Versatile Solutions

As one of the most versatile building site security providers, our methods are extensive to minimise the chances of criminal activity occurring. Utilising our various solutions, we offer a complete security package for your construction site.

We also offer Remote Monitoring as part of our security solutions, ensuring complete cover for 24 hours a day. Generally speaking, construction sites are left dormant during the night or on days in which work cannot be completed, such as extreme weather conditions. During these periods of inactivity, the potential for criminal activity is at its highest. Knowing this, Pride GB offer construction site security in the following forms:

  • Installing CCTV within your construction site with remote monitoring – covering a variety of angles and entry points with 24-hour coverage through the use of a highly experienced CCTV Operative.
  • Manned Guarding – the time-proof method of security, a deterring factor, dedicated to constant surveillance
  • Posters & Notification – during our security campaign, we will further deter criminal threats with obvious displays of our appearance with posters and more


What will building site security help achieve?

Site security services will help to deter intruders, prevent theft, and detect vandalism and wilful damage. Not only this, but by using site security services, you are protecting the safety of your staff and intruders. With the right building site security in place, your business has the potential to thrive, without petty theft being involved.

Contact Us For Construction Site Security

With experience paired with dedicated training carried out by our personnel, we are the optimal choice for construction site security. Simply contact our specialists today to enquire about construction site security. 

Our team will be happy to assist and provide further details on our construction site security and how it may be beneficial for you and your working environment.

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Pride GB Security Services provide exceptional construction site security throughout the UK. We ensure the complete safety of both goods, materials and personnel through the use of a variety of tactics, based on your needs & preferences.


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Pride GB Security Services UK

Construction site security is a measure implemented by security companies to ensure your building site remains safe. This could include the use of CCTV cameras or trained security dogs, dedicated to maintaining a secure construction environment. 

Construction security must be taken out during the risk assessment stage to prevent damage or loss of expensive equipment caused by vandals. This type of security allows your project to go ahead as planned, with no delays or unforeseen circumstances.

How to keep a construction site safe?

At Pride GB Security Services, we offer various security measures that a construction site may want to implement. These include static security, squatter removal and K9 mobile patrols. We focus on preventing security breaches by creating deterrents, detection and response to the situation. 

Deterrents– This is to deter opportunists from trespassing and stealing from the site by carrying through construction site security tactics. Some of these construction site security measures include; visible signage, robust perimeter fencing, CCTV monitoring and maintenance, manned guarding, lighting, alarms and sensors, guard dogs. 

Detection– There should be a number of detection systems in place to identify the threat as quickly as possible. Detection systems can include; CCTV solutions, remote monitoring services (alarms are received by men who will review the intrusion and alert those on site), advanced alarm systems. 

Response– A good response is critical to ensure that the amount of damage done by the intruders is at a minimum. If responded to quickly, the amount of damage encountered will be limited by alerting emergency services.

By keeping the construction area well lit, protected by CCTV or personnel, and storing away valuables, your building site will remain secure. These measures keep unwanted visitors out and your valuable equipment in. Speak to us today and find out more about our security services.

How does construction site security help?

Construction site security works against the loss of valuables and prevents damage to building areas. Construction projects are often working to deadlines, and anything that hinders progress can impact the finishing date. Construction site security stops delays from criminal activity and allows your project to carry on unhampered. 

These circumstances may also cost a business money, either from replacing equipment or fixing further damage. By investing in construction site security, you are reducing the need for extra costs.

Do I need construction site security?

Pride GB Security Services believes that construction site security is of the utmost importance to any building site. 

Needing construction site security is dependent on location, project size or valuables cost, and is beneficial for any business to invest in. By implementing these measures, you are protecting not only your building site but your workers too. Construction site security is essential for every project, even a temporary one. 

Contact Pride GB Security Services to find out how we can help secure your construction site.

How do you secure a construction site?

Securing a construction site can be done by a number of different means. Whether you are looking to simply invest in CCTV cameras or would like a present security team, Pride GB Security Services can provide you with the security you need. 

When setting up a building site, you will need to reach out to construction security services who will work alongside your wishes. These sites can be secured by setting up CCTV cameras around the area to deter intruders. There are security essentials such as barriers and fencing which can be easily installed then guarded by security teams.

Why is construction site security important?

Construction site security isn’t just important, it’s vital for any building area. Without such measures, you could not guarantee the safety of your building site and it could be accessed by anyone.

The loss of valuables and damage to the site can both cause delays to the overall project and needs to be avoided. All of which will eventually cost the business time and money, something that could be steered clear of with the implementation of CCTV or security teams.

What are construction site safety and regulations?

Construction site safety and regulations are a number of rules that a business must comply with, before commencing any construction projects. The site itself must adhere to these regulations, in accordance with acts such as the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Minimum standards must be achieved in order for a project to go ahead. 

The UK government has laws in place for these very circumstances, so make sure you are following along with the right guidelines.

What equipment do you need for construction site security?

Equipment for construction site security comes in many different forms, and can all be provided by us at Pride GB Security Services. 

If you require equipment rather than a physical security presence, you will have access to CCTV cameras, remote monitoring, alarm systems and posters & notifications. Whilst not all are legally required, we highly recommend implementing them into your construction area.

24/7 coverage will be provided should you need to access footage of your building site at any time.

What are our construction site security duties?

At Pride GB Security Services, our duties include the security and protection of construction sites against vandalism and theft. We have a responsibility to ensure maximum security in these areas, for the benefit of you and your workers. 

By providing these services, we are helping construction sites across the UK finish their projects without delays or damage. We work with your needs and preferences when implementing a security plan, and are dedicated to delivering exceptional construction site security for your business.

Why are construction sites targeted?

Construction sites can be a target for thieves and opportunists due to the high value materials and equipment on a construction site, the wide access points that allow vehicles to pass through and the empty sites when workers are outside of their hours. 

If proper construction site security measures aren’t put into place, it could take months for the construction to return to it’s normal speed. Materials and equipment could be stolen or damaged, meaning you won’t have anything to work with and you could be paying thousands for replacements.

Construction site security cameras are great, but they only tell you who it is after the damage has already been done. Having a construction site security team taking all measures possible can prevent and stop the crime from happening before anything is stolen.

What threats do construction sites face?

Construction sites face more than just a security threat, they face death too. Faulty equipment and trespassers not taking proper security measures can lead to fatalities. Some risk factors include: 

  • High value equipment not being manned overnight 
  • Vandalism and site damage 
  • Safeguarding risks when security provisions have been breached
  • Environmental risks such as flooding, fire and weather damage
What is included in a construction site security risk assessment?

A construction site security risk assessment is essential for identifying key risks to come up with a mitigation strategy. You also need a risk assessment for insurance requirements and so that everybody is on the same page. 

Construction site security risk assessments take into consideration the following:

  • Carry out a site inspection and identify primary and secondary risks
  • Record how serious the risk is 
  • Prioritise certain risks, identifying which risks are crucial to construction site security operations
  • Discuss the best construction site security safeguards with a professional
  • Put construction site security measures in place
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