It is more important than ever to keep your construction site secure. £1 million worth of construction equipment is stolen in the UK every week, yet less than 10% of this is recovered by police. The repercussions of equipment being stolen are unmatched. Not only does the equipment need to be replaced, but time is also wasted from waiting for new equipment and it can be very dangerous for all parties in the equation.

 You may wonder why construction sites are such a target for criminals. Construction sites hold a lot of expensive plant equipment and high-value goods which are sometimes left overnight. In addition to this, construction sites stay in the same location for a number of weeks or even months, meaning thieves can carefully plan how they will enter and leave the site being unnoticed. Providing good security measures to a site can be extremely beneficial in helping the project develop quicker. 

Construction sites are difficult to keep secure due to the project often moving around, changing in value and new members working on-site day-to-day. Although this can prove difficult for adequate security measures, it’s not impossible and it’s definitely worth it. In this blog, we will discuss what security measures will be most secure to keep your construction site secure. 

How to keep a construction site secure- Keep areas lit and bright

Having lights across your site will help people spot thieves and it will also make them visible on security cameras. This tactic can also help deter thieves as it could deceive them into thinking that there are still members of staff on site. This could deter a number of opportunists attempting to steal from your site, helping keep your security site secure. 

How to keep a construction site secure- Install cameras and alarms

Installing cameras on site will ensure that even if you don’t catch the thieves, the cameras will. Not only will the criminals be caught on camera, but they may also be deterred from their criminal activity. This is especially helpful if the site is well lit as there is a higher chance that the criminals will be recognised and caught. 

Alarms are also incredible at scaring thieves away. Not only this, but the noise will alert anybody nearby so there’s a higher chance of someone catching them in the act and calling the police. If the thieves know that there are alarms on-site, they will be deterred from the site. 

A more satisfying option may be to get a silent alarm. These types of alarms skip making any noise, instead, they contact the police directly without intruders knowing, meaning they’re caught in the act. 

How to keep a construction site secure- Virtual guards

A virtual guard may even be more effective than a guard on site as it is possible to look around the entire site by taking a glance at the cameras. It’s quicker than being on-site and much safer. Having a virtual guard also means that it is easier to spot the thief before they’ve stolen anything. Like a silent alarm, the police will be alerted without the criminal knowing. 

How to keep a construction site secure- Posters and notifications

If there are obvious posters and notifications saying that the site is secure, thieves will take your word for it. Thieves are after something easy to steal, without running the risk of getting caught. This can be a cheap and effective solution. 

How to keep a construction site secure- Guard dogs 

This can be the ultimate deterrent and intimidation factor for criminals and a unique security method for your construction site. If thieves know there is a guard dog on site, they are much less likely to attempt to steal from it. Not only do guard dogs alert anyone in the area but they also bark- a real-life alarm! 

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