When looking at how to train security dogs there a few things you should know. Here at Pride GB, we have put together this article to give you some inside information when it comes to training security dogs. When training, patrol dogs take part in obedience classes to ensure that they follow the general orders of their handler, such as sitting down, turning left or right, coming back when they are recalled and remaining still; ensuring that they are docile when on duty. They will also have to take agility classes to overcome obstacles such as walls when pursuing a criminal.


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Working With Security Dogs

On a theoretical level, the handler must demonstrate their knowledge about the law surrounding the use of security dogs and show that they know how to care for their dog. On completion of the course, a private patrol dog handler (in the UK) is awarded a Level 2 General Purpose Security certificate. Dogs are loyal companions who have been humans’ best friends for centuries. But above their companionship, they have unique abilities that are valued when assisting human beings in their work. Making them key assets in various professional security roles, from general security and guard dogs through to highly trained search or protection dogs.

Thus, contrary to human beings who perceive life predominantly through sight, dogs rely on their sense of smell to interpret their environment. Their smell is 40x greater than that of humans, smelling objects as far as 1000 meters away. Beyond their smell, they also have better hearing. These aptitudes prove to be particularly useful in security and defence.

Sgt Stubby

There are many great stories about dogs at war, including the story of Stubby.

During World War One, Sergeant Stubby, a Boston Terrier served as part of the American Infantry and was acclaimed for saving the life of soldiers in the trenches, warning them against mustard gas attacks and catching a German enemy who was mapping the Allied Trenches, holding him captive until American soldiers found him. Stubby is a War hero who demonstrated that his canine counterparts are resourceful assets for defence.

Therefore, it is no surprise that both the Police and the Army call upon the use of our four-legged friends, often referred to as K9 dogs, for support. Alongside law enforcement, dogs are also employed by UK Customs Forces and the private security sector. A dog handler and a dog must work together as a team to prevent crimes, so a strong bond between the pair is vital for efficiency.

We will finish this blog with the wonderful poem used by the US Military when honouring Dogs lost in action:

Trust in me my friend for I am

your comrade. I will protect you

with my last breath When all

others have left you And the

loneliness of the night closes

in, I will be at your side.

Together we will conquer all

obstacles, And search out

those who might wish harm to

others. All I ask of you is

compassion, The caring touch

of your hands. It is for you that I

will unselfishly give my life And

spend my nights unrested.

Although our days together

May be marked by the passing

of the seasons Know that each

day at your side is my reward.

My days are measured by The

coming and going of your

footsteps. I anticipate them at

every opening of the door. You

are the voice of caring when I

am ill. The voice of authority

when I’ve done wrong.

Do not chastise me unduly for

I am your right arm, The sword

at your side. I attempt to do

only what you bid of me. I seek

only to please you and remain

in your favor.

Together you and I shall

experience a bond only others

like us will understand When

outsiders see us together Their

envy will be measured by their


I will quietly listen to you and

pass no judgment, nor will your

spoken words be repeated I will

remain ever silent, Ever vigilant,

ever loyal. And when our time

together is done And you move

on in the world Remember me

with kind thoughts and tales,

For a time we were unbeatable,

Nothing passed among us


“Guardians of the Night” (author unknown)

Pride GB

Pride GB offers security dogs for a number of sectors and industries. You can find out more about our services by inquiring with our team. Be sure to contact us to find out more about our security dogs.



Our trained security dogs are an effective deterrent against intruders. We provide a NASDU accredited K9 security service in which our qualified and highly trained dogs and handlers will guard and protect your premises.



There is no better way to protect your property than to employ static security officers. Pride GB offers highly skilled, dedicated, fully licensed, and uniformed security officers to safeguard your premises at any time.



Pride GB’s mobile patrol service provides a highly effective and visible deterrent. Our committed, skilled, and uniformed security officers can patrol your premises when needed and always strive to provide the best service possible.



We have an excellent reputation providing key holding and alarm response services. Our highly trained staff work in accordance with British Standards to take action when an alarm is activated. They will attend your site and deal with any incidents to secure your property.


Reliable, Static and K9 Security Dog Patrols



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