Pride GB Surveillance Systems for Vacant Properties

Pride GB, the renowned security company provide an array of security services in the UK. 

An effective way to protect your site at all times is by utilising our vacant property wireless CCTV service. Pride GB Surveillance Systems uses a range of highly efficient battery operated security cameras to ensure the safeguarding of your property. 

Our service is tailored to suit each of our customers’ needs and our high security standards are guaranteed.


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vacant property wireless cctv

Vacant Property Wireless CCTV Monitoring

Tired of intruders lurking in your vacant property? Our specialised vacant property wireless CCTV monitoring service is the perfect deterrent and security for all types of vacant sites, premises and properties. 

Vacant properties are an easy target for unwanted intruders that generate significant costs to owners by: 

  • Causing damage to the property and in turn leaving owners with hefty bills for repairs. 
  • Running up of bills for utilities still connected to the premises.
  • Causing the payment of legal fees for evictions.
  • Increasing costs of cleaning up rubbish and other forms of maintenance.

At Pride GB Surveillance Systems, it is our number one priority to secure your property and avoid reaching any of the aforementioned stages at all costs. We believe our highly effective vacant property wireless CCTV is the ideal solution to restoring owners’ authority and safety, with you once again being the sole individuals able to enter the property. 

If you know your property is going to be empty soon, you should take the necessary steps in ensuring the premise is 100% secured and difficult for intruders to enter. 

Do not waste any time and contact us for a quick three-step installation of our high quality vacant property wireless CCTV.

vacant property wireless cctv
Pride GB Surveillance Systems was created to implement preventive measures to the damage of properties. We understand how much of a nuisance it can be when properties we spend our time working hard on are treated poorly. This is why Pride GB are now offering a 24 hour remote CCTV monitoring service with our battery operated security camera range.

  • 24/7 reliable CCTV monitoring ensuring no event goes missed.
  • Delivers a faster police response to an intruder.
  • Practical battery operated systems, protecting areas with no power supply.

All products used in our remote CCTV monitoring systems are error free, labour-saving and enforce our commitment to deliver services to our customers that meet their requirements in terms of performance, reliability, responsiveness and value. Call 0844 800 7066 for more information regarding our vacant property wireless CCTV.

vacant property wireless cctv
vacant property wireless cctv
vacant property wireless cctv
vacant property wireless cctv
vacant property wireless cctv

Leading Non Power Supply Vacant Property Wireless CCTV:


  • Wireless, motion-triggered, high-dynamic 4G battery operated security camera range.
  • Quick installation by a Pride GB Surveillance Systems professional.
  • Battery life ranges from one to four years depending on the camera chosen. 
  • Wide angle passive infrared (PIR) sensor with signal analysis, capturing all events. 
  • High quality videos and images during the day and night.
  • Large storage of footage with the ability to download.
  • Web portal and smartphone app for self-monitoring.
  • Weatherproof system is fully functional in -40°C to +60°C temperatures.
  • AI based threat recognition and remotely adjustable detection sensitivity, filtering out false alarms. 
  • Powerful siren and flashing beacon once an intruder is detected.


As part of Pride GB Surveillance Systems’ Services, we utilise a specialised vacant property wireless CCTV that will ensure the security of your vacant property.

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As a highly renowned security company, our vacant property wireless CCTV services are unmatched.

Pride GB Surveillance Systems’ Response to an Alarm Being Triggered:


Once footage is sent to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and our operators determine whether it’s a false alarm or a genuine threat to the site, there is an escalation process that is followed, which includes Pride GB Surveillance Systems approaching the site promptly. 

Once on site, we carry out a thorough patrol of the area. If there are any damages or signs of theft, we instantly contact the police to report these crimes. Our customers are also contacted so they are informed of an intruder, followed by the securing of the site by Pride GB. 

We either remain on site until it is handed over to the customer the next morning or re-secure the site and rearm the vacant property wireless CCTV before we leave. The choice is up to our customer and their needs. 

Secure your vacant property today with Pride GB Surveillance Systems by calling 0844 800 7066.

vacant property wireless cctv

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Tired of unwanted intruders lurking in your vacant property? Opt for our highly effective vacant property wireless CCTV.


How does vacant property wireless CCTV work?
At Pride GB, we value your property’s condition, which is why our highly experienced security professionals will be watching over your property 24/7 through a battery operated remote CCTV monitoring system specific to vacant properties. 

Our vacant property wireless CCTV system uses motion detectors with high quality cameras that display HD day images and HQ night images. Once the motion detectors are triggered, a clear video clip is sent directly to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). 

Should any suspicious activity occur, our thorough escalation process is followed immediately. The operator chooses to either action an urgent response from the police or disregard a false alarm. 

Why are vacant properties high risk for intruders?
When a property is left unoccupied for a long period of time, it can become the target for unwanted intruders and trespassers. This is because it is not, of itself, a criminal offence to simply be in a vacant property without the owner’s permission.

However, if an intruder commits any offences, such as malicious damage or theft, their  behaviour is punishable under the general criminal law. 

In order to avoid the risks of your property being damaged in any type of way, sufficient security such as our vacant property wireless CCTV system is vital to deter intruders from entering the site to begin with.

Why is it important to secure vacant properties?
By securing your property, you’re avoiding a large number of risks that intruders will cause such as: 

  • Damage to your property e.g. vandalism 
  • Theft
  • Higher costs for repairs, maintenance and utility bills 
  • Fly tipping 
  • Legal fees for eviction
  • Fires caused by arson or a default in the electrical unit 

As long as our security professionals are monitoring the premises 24/7 with our vacant property wireless CCTV system, your site is protected at all times with video footage as evidence and patrol and police ready to be dispatched if anything were to happen. 

How many wireless CCTV cameras can be installed around the vacant property?
Our Pride GB security professionals will scan the area and recommend the ideal number of security cameras to cover the vulnerable areas of the vacant premises without any events being missed. 

At Pride GB Surveillance Systems, we strive to communicate openly with our customers. If you feel like you would prefer more or less vacant property wireless CCTV cameras, it is entirely up to you. 

Our goal is to protect you and your property. An advantage of our vacant property wireless CCTV system being battery operated is that not only is it the perfect solution for vacant properties without a power supply but it also allows for a large number of security cameras to be installed.



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