Pride GB Surveillance Systems

Pride GB, the renowned security company provide an array of security services in the UK. 

An effective way to protect your property at all times is by utilising our http://hiperduct.ac.uk/custom-rhetorical-analysis-essay-ghostwriter-sites-toronto remote CCTV monitoring http://centralenfieldclc.org.uk/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=https://centralenfieldclc.org.uk/cpd-curriculum-support/ service. Pride GB Surveillance Systems uses a range of highly efficient buy Lyrica in thailand battery operated security cameras to ensure the safeguarding of your property. 

Our service is tailored to suit each of our customers’ needs and our high security standards are guaranteed.


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Remote CCTV Monitoring Solutions For:


remote cctv monitoring

Vacant Properties

remote cctv monitoring

Fly Tipping

remote cctv monitoring

Solar Farms

remote cctv monitoring

Construction Sites

Pride GB Surveillance Systems was created to implement preventive measures to the damage of properties. We understand how much of a nuisance it can be when properties we spend our time working hard on are treated poorly. This is why Pride GB are now offering a 24 hour remote CCTV monitoring service with our battery operated security camera range.

  • 24/7 reliable CCTV monitoring ensuring no event goes missed.
  • Delivers a faster police response to an intruder.
  • Practical battery operated systems, protecting areas with no power supply.

All products used in our remote CCTV monitoring systems are error free, labour-saving and enforce our commitment to deliver services to our customers that meet their requirements in terms of performance, reliability, responsiveness and value. Call 0844 800 7066 for more information regarding your situation.

remote cctv monitoring
remote cctv monitoring
remote cctv monitoring
remote cctv monitoring
remote cctv monitoring

Leading Non Power Supply Cameras:


  • Wireless, motion-triggered, high-dynamic 4G battery operated security camera range.
  • Quick installation by a Pride GB Surveillance Systems professional.
  • Battery life ranges from one to four years depending on the camera chosen. 
  • Wide angle passive infrared (PIR) sensor with signal analysis, capturing all events. 
  • High quality videos and images during the day and night.
  • Large storage of footage with the ability to download.
  • Web portal and smartphone app for self-monitoring.
  • Weatherproof system is fully functional in -40°C to +60°C temperatures.
  • AI based threat recognition and remotely adjustable detection sensitivity, filtering out false alarms. 
  • Powerful siren and flashing beacon once an intruder is detected.

All of our systems are useful for vacant properties, fly tipping, solar farms and construction sites. However, in order to utilise our remote CCTV monitoring services to the maximum extent, some of our cameras are more effective for certain situations.

As part of Pride GB Surveillance Systems’ Services, we choose the best remote CCTV monitoring camera that suits your specific needs.

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As a highly renowned security company, our remote CCTV monitoring services are unmatched.

Pride GB Surveillance Systems’ Response to an Alarm Being Triggered:


Once footage is sent to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and our operators determine whether it’s a false alarm or a genuine threat to the site, there is an escalation process that is followed, which includes Pride GB Surveillance Systems approaching the site promptly. 


Once on site, we carry out a thorough patrol of the area. If there are any damages or signs of theft, we instantly contact the police to report these crimes. Our customers are also contacted so they are informed of an intruder, followed by the securing of the site by Pride GB. 


We either remain on site until it is handed over to the customer the next morning or re-secure the site and rearm the battery operated security cameras before we leave. The choice is up to our customer and their needs. 

remote cctv monitoring


How does remote CCTV monitoring work?
Our highly experienced security professionals will be watching your CCTV 24/7 for any intruders.

Once our battery operated remote CCTV monitoring system detects any motion, a video clip is recorded and sent directly to our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

Should any suspicious activity occur, our escalation process is followed immediately. The operator chooses to either action an urgent response from the police or disregard a false alarm.

Who can view CCTV footage?
The operators at our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) view the footage 24/7. As part of our escalation process, nominated keyholders are called into the ARC. All footage is secured by authorised personnel to ensure the security of our customers’ sites.
How long is CCTV footage kept?
CCTV footage is kept indefinitely as it can be archived. If an incident with an intruder occurs, footage can be downloaded and sent to the police.

Additionally, our cameras can store up to 2000 images. To avoid automatic deletion of crucial footage captured by our remote CCTV monitoring service, our operators regularly monitor the storage space.

Where do I position my CCTV cameras?

All remote CCTV monitoring cameras are installed by a Pride GB Surveillance Systems professional.

Cameras are best placed in the most vulnerable areas of the site as well as the perimeter of the premises to ensure no event goes missed.

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