Well-Renowned Security Company

Pride GB Security are not your typical security company. Our fleet of highly trained and experienced specialists share the same passion for providing a highly respectable service. We strive for client satisfaction, as well as upholding our prestige as the UK’s leading security company.

We set ourselves apart from any other security company by offering a wider range of services, without sacrificing a high-quality experience. Though we cover a number of sectors, our experience within delivering top tier security holds us as not only a security company with variance, but also knowledgeable within our respective trade.

A Security Company With Trained Personnel

To ensure complete satisfaction for our clients, each member of our team is thoroughly vetted, assuring trust and compliance. Furthermore, we do our part as a security company to ensure that all of our personnel are SIA trained and badge holders for their respectable sector. Security is a wide category that can be performed in a range of methods, such as CCTV or surveillance. As such a rounded security company, we ensure that each service we provide is carried out by a fully qualified member of staff.

Our range of services is paramount to our success as a security company, offering the full package from a security perspective. Whether you seek manned guards, or security dog handlers to deter potential threats, we have you covered.


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Security dogs london

Complete security

Whether it may be a warehouse, shopping centre or construction site in the late hours, we have you covered. Our personnel are highly experienced and seasoned for each and every sector.

Wide range of services

We understand that as a security company, it is our duty to offer a wide range of services. Each of our clients can utilise our security types, with our advisors offering potential solutions to suit their needs.

Security company competitive pricing

We are proud to offer great price points as such a high-quality security company. Security is our passion and safety within working environments, shopping and more shouldn’t be too costly.


Guarding a Premises

Whether it’s open spaces or patrolling a premises, a security guard dog’s senses are great at locking onto and locating potential criminal activities through smell and hearing.


Deterring Potential Activity

The presence of a security dog can refrain a criminal from acting, usually through sheet intimidation and physical attributes. Especially when paired with a highly trained dog handler.


A Unique Factor

Security Dogs offer a wide range of uses that the typical security guard can not fulfill. Their enhanced senses of hearing and smell offer a unique perspective of security for your property or site in London.

Pride GB – The Security Company With Versatility

Pride GB are one of the most versatile security companies in the industry. Our services extend beyond that of the typical security company. Regardless of the service you seek, you will be assured optimal security methods, minimising potential threats, regardless of your sector or industry.

Keyholding & Alarm Response

We understand that the most common concerns are during closing times, especially during staffless periods with the building being empty. Our keyholding service offers 24 hour protection for your property from a security company you can trust.

Security Dogs

As one of the very few security companies to offer security dogs, we are proud to announce that our clients can utilise our k9 security in a number of ways. Contact our specialists today to find out how our security dog service can aid you.

Manned Security

A tried and tested service, each security company offers their variant of manned security. Our methods are efficient and highly focused on offering the complete package, whether you seek threat detection or customer service.

Other Services

Be sure to contact our team today to find out more about the services we offer and how they may be able to aid you. Our team will discuss and recommend potential services that may be optimal for problems you wish to nullify.

Security dogs london
Security Company


Does A Security Company Ensure Fully Qualified Personnel?

Most definitely, it is a legal requirement for each role of security to achieve the correct and suitable qualification, as well as certification. For example, our security dog handlers are required to hold the necessary SIA qualifications to carry out their role.

Can A Security Company Help Me Decide What Type Of Security I Need?

There are a range of factors that can determine the type of service a security company will provide. A security company will take into account the types of criminal activity you may be prone to, such as thieves or vandalism, all the way to how security methods will function, such as car entry points and fire exits.

Why Does Pride GB Offer A Wide Variety Of Methods Compared To Other Security Companies?

We believe that with our varying methods of security, we offer the complete package against those that may cause disruptions to either your business, event or workplace. There are a range of ways potential criminal activity can be performed and by offering our range of options, we can nullify even the most minimalist crime.


As a leading security company, it is our duty to protect our client’s assets and personnel. Utilising our range of services covers each and every aspect of your business, from 24-hour CCTV, to keyholding & alarm response.

How Do I Arrange Services From A Security Company?

At Pride GB, we are proud of our customer-friendly & simplified approach to hiring our services. Our team are highly informed and are able to answer a client’s main concerns, along with offering services most suited to their business.

We understand that those hiring a service from a security company may find the initial point of contact difficult, as it may seem like an important and drastic decision for your business. We assure you that our team are extremely helpful in aiding those that are new to hiring services from a security company and ensure the process is stress-free.

Do Security Companies Only Provide Security On Long Term Contracts?

In short, we also offer short term security solutions. As a security company, we ensure that not only is our fleet of personnel highly trained and experienced, but also available for shorter-term work.

At Pride GB, we provide security solutions for a range of short term contractors, such as singular events, construction sites, close protection and much more.

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