Pride GB Security Services provide comprehensive K9 security services in London. As one of the few security companies that is accredited for the use of trained security dogs, we truly raise the bar.

Pride GB Security are specialists in providing security guard dogs in London for a variety of services and sectors. By hiring Pride GB Security, you are ensuring that you have SIA licensed security dog handlers with expert knowledge and experience in operating within the commercial property sectors of London. Our security dog solutions are provided at a fixed fee competitive rate, so you can be sure that whatever your budget, your property in London will remain secure without additional charges.

Security dogs are most commonly used to guard premises and larger open spaces from potential intruders or unwanted personnel, especially when vision may be impaired for human guards. An example would be covering areas during the night, where criminal activity is at it’s largest in the UK, this is no different for London.


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Security dogs london

Our loyal security dogs are handled by our highly SIA trained and knowledgeable dog handlers. This combination of canine and SIA trained personnel can be a huge benefit in reducing criminal activity in commercial sectors.

As you can imagine, it is uncommon for an individual to risk an act of criminality with the presence of a security guard at hand. When paired with a security dog, these numbers drop even further. In conclusion, security dogs are a great deterrent for criminal activity, ensuring complete security for your establishment in London.


Guarding a Premises

Whether it’s open spaces or patrolling a premises, a security guard dog’s senses are great at locking onto and locating potential criminal activities through smell and hearing.


Deterring Potential Activity

The presence of a security dog can refrain a criminal from acting, usually through sheet intimidation and physical attributes. Especially when paired with a highly trained dog handler.


A Unique Factor

Security Dogs offer a wide range of uses that the typical security guard can not fulfill. Their enhanced senses of hearing and smell offer a unique perspective of security for your property or site in London.

Security dogs are useful and offer a unique perspective when used for security purposes. As humans, we perceive life predominantly through sight, whereas security dogs can also rely on their sense of smell to interpret their environment.

The average security dog’s sense of smell can be up to forty times greater than the average human being. This, coupled with their incredible sense of hearing can help locate anyone on the premises who shouldn’t be there. This is great for sweeping scenarios, substance London, and mobile guarding multiple sites in London, as well as other variants of these means.

Security dogs london

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