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Pride GB Security Services provide comprehensive site security London. Contact our team for various solutions to nullify potential criminal activity at the expense of your construction project.

Pride GB Security Services has been providing site security London to businesses of all sizes and varieties throughout the UK for over a decade. We are well equipped to deal with all the site security needs of your business and deter any vandalism or crime no matter the severity. As a versatile provider of site security London, we utilise an array of services and exercise their benefits to secure your construction site.

Construction sites are places ripe with opportunities for criminals to take advantage, as well as a challenge for site managers to deal with. Due to the nature of the work that takes place on a construction site, there are numerous factors that can lead to the delay or even the complete halt of progression. From vandalism on important structures to attempted theft of valuable goods and materials, make sure you employ site security London with a specialist like Pride GB today.



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Theft is More Common Than You Think

Theft is by far the most common occurrence on construction sites. A 2016 research study found that 21% of construction industry professionals said that they experienced theft each week. 92% stated that they have experienced theft either monthly or yearly all due to a lack of site security London

Site security London has vital importance in making sure that expensive machinery and tools don’t get stolen. Not only does theft implement financial complications within the construction industry, but it also means that jobs cannot get finished on time and impacts labour costs. 

Excellent site security London is the only way to ensure site security is taken care of within this niche. Our services for site security London make sure that construction theft is kept at the bare minimum, helping your services run as smoothly as possible throughout the whole year.

Guarding a Premises

Whether it’s open spaces or patrolling a premises, our site security solutions can cover each aspect of your project, whether it may be surveillance or manned guarding.

Deterring Potential Activity

The presence of our site security almost instantly begins dettering potential criminal activity. Through the use of branded signs, stickers and fencing, we make passers by fully aware of our presence on site.

flexible & versatile

Working alongside Pride GB Security provides your project with a range of security services that can be expanded upon at any time. On request, we can add to your service with additional services, should you require them.

What Will Site Security London Help To Achieve? 

Site security London will help to deter intruders, prevent theft, detect vandalism and wilful damage. Not only this, but by using site security services, you are protecting the safety of your staff and intruders. With the right site security London in place, your business has the potential to thrive, without petty theft being involved. 

Construction Site Daily Pressures

In order to run a construction site safely and securely, you need to make sure that you are complying with certain regulations. These include:

  • Ensuring you are saving costs 
  • Ensuring your sites are protected
  • Ensuring your projects are completed smoothly and on time
site security

Our Site Security Solutions

Intruder Detection CCTV

We can implement intruder detection security cameras that catch intruders in the act, identifying them and also effectively deterring them. This will help to eliminate losses caused by theft and disruption.

Our experts will decide on the best equipement for your project. In addition, we will place the CCTV at a variety of angles around the site and make sure the footage is being manned 24/7 by our operatives.

Key Holding

As a renowned a trustworthy provider of security services, our clients have trusted us with 24 hour access to their property or site.

Utilising our key holding service ensures complete protection in the case of alarm, ensuring our highly alert and exerienced personnel attend the premises in a prompt fashion.

Manned Guarding

We provide you with uniformed security guards who are easily visible, deterring thieves from miles away. Our guards are easily seen at night with their reflective clothing and have security systems on hand to make sure that police arrive at the site if thieves are detected.

Often, having a manned security guard on site is enough to deter premeditated criminals and opportunists.

Security Dogs

Pride GB Security Services provide comprehensive K9 security services in all areas of the UK. As one of the few security companies that are accredited for the use of trained security dogs, we truly raise the bar.

Trained Security dogs are an extraordinarily effective deterrent against intruders, especially when paired with NASDU trained handlers.

Get in touch!

For enquiries or further information on site security London, contact our team.

What does a security dog do?

Trained Security dogs are a great and effective deterrent to guard against intruders. Guard Dogs are under the constant control of their qualified handler. We utilise their abilities as powerful visual deterrents with excellent hearing and sense of smell. Our K9 Security dogs are 5 times more effective than a conventional security guard.

We provide NASDU qualified K9 Security Dog Handler teams who are able to protect & Guard your premises. This acts as a great visible deterrent and is able to detect & deal with intruders with ease. Security dogs are a great addition to your site security London.

Do construction sites need security?

Site security London is a measure implemented by security companies to ensure your building site remains safe. This could include the use of CCTV cameras or trained security dogs, dedicated to maintaining a secure construction environment. 

Construction site security London must be taken out during the risk assessment stage to prevent damage or loss of expensive equipment caused by vandals. This type of site security London allows your project to go ahead as planned, with no delays or unforeseen circumstances.

How to keep good site security London?

At Pride GB Security Services, we offer various site security measures that a construction site may want to implement. These include static security, squatter removal and K9 mobile patrols. We focus on preventing security breaches by creating deterrents, detection and response to the situation. 


Deterrents– This is to deter opportunists from trespassing and stealing from the site by carrying through construction site security tactics. Some of these construction site security London measures include; visible signage, robust perimeter fencing, CCTV monitoring and maintenance, manned guarding, lighting, alarms and sensors, guard dogs. 


Detection– There should be a number of site security London detection systems in place to identify the threat as quickly as possible. Detection systems can include; CCTV solutions, remote monitoring services (alarms are received by men who will review the intrusion and alert those on-site), advanced alarm systems. 

Response– A good response is critical to ensure that the amount of damage done by the intruders is at a minimum. If responded to quickly, the amount of damage encountered will be limited by alerting emergency services.

By keeping the construction area well lit, protected by CCTV or personnel, and storing away valuables, your building site will remain secure. These measures keep unwanted visitors out and your valuable equipment in. Speak to us today and find out more about our site security London services through keyholding and alarm response.

Why are construction sites targeted?

Construction sites can be a target for thieves and opportunists due to the high-value materials and equipment on a construction site, the wide access points that allow vehicles to pass through and the empty sites when workers are outside of their hours. 

If proper site security London measures aren’t put into place, it could take months for the construction to return to its normal speed. Materials and equipment could be stolen or damaged, meaning you won’t have anything to work with and you could be paying thousands for replacements.

Construction site security cameras are great, but they only tell you who it is after the damage has already been done. Having a construction site security team taking all measures possible can prevent and stop the crime from happening before anything is stolen.



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