Static Security Guards Coventry

Pride GB, the renowned security company provide an array of security services in the UK. Whether you seek security to protect assets, property or construction sites, we are the right choice for you.

Anyone wanting to commit an act of theft or vandalism will have second thoughts at the sight of our static security guards coventry.


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Pride GB Static Security Guards Coventry


Static Security Guards
Pride GB is a leading supplier of trained static security guards coventry across the whole of the UK.
The best, highly qualified dog trainers, for your security and protection.
Key Holding
Our mobile patrol Security Guard service is designed to provide an effective and highly visible deterrent.

Static Security Guards Coventry

Pride GB provide industry-leading static security guards coventry for over 30 years.

Our static security guards coventry are ready for any assignment to meet your exact security needs. Whether you need static security guards for traffic control, gatekeeping, armed guarding or patrolling, our expert, experienced team of static security guards are available 24/7 to ensure you or your premises are secure. In addition, our static security guards coventry offer a great deterrent for unwanted trespassers and can also prevent vandalism and other offences.

If you are looking for professional and highly trained static security guards coventry, you’ve found the right place. Our static security guards are licensed, uniformed and committed, ready to keep your business assets secure. Call one of our friendly team for a free quotation.



Why choose our Static Security Guards Coventry?


  • We’re fully licensed.
  • We have over 30 years of experience with static security guards coventry.
  • We are fully accredited in all our roles, allowing us to provide a measurably high quality of service at all times.
  • We treat all of our staff and clients with respect.
  • SIA approved.
  • We invest heavily in continual training, full management support and full vetting.
Use our static security guards coventry to secure your premises
Protect your construction site assets with our static security guards coventry.
We have been providing static security guards coventry across the UK for over 30 years.
Using our canine security services, we can help act as a powerful visual deterrent against intruders.

Static Security Guards Coventry – Fully tailored solutions


Our static security guard coventry team offer a fully tailored security solution to meet your exact needs. With both long and short term solutions, we can ensure that security requirements are not only highly professional but also are priced competitively. 

Our static security guard coventry service solutions are provided at a fixed fee competitive rate, so you can be sure that whatever your budget, your assets or property in the UK will remain secure without additional charges.

With a wide range of different security services available, we are able to provide the very best security solution for you. 

Call our team for your free, no-obligation quote or see our full range of services here.

Benefits of having Static Security Guards Coventry


  • Deters intruders by offering a visual deterrent.
  • Keeps visitors and staff safe
  • Gives staff and visitors peace of mind
  • A cost-effective security solution.
  • Keeps secure, yet a professional image of an organisation.
  • Helps to avoid potential hazards
  • Gives help during the pandemic when staff count is low

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As a highly renowned static security guard service, our services are unmatched.
Why do I need static security guards Coventry?
It is vital to protect your business and assets. If you don’t you could face a loss in money, time equipment and more importantly, you could face casualties. Hiring our static security guards coventry means that your premises will stay secure and everything contained will be safe from external threats.
What is the SIA?
The SIA stands for security industry authority and they are the regulatory body that creates the rules and regulations of the private security industry sector.
What duties do static security guards coventry have?
  • Patrolling different routes daily at checkpoints throughout the premises
  • Keeping note of suspicious activity and reporting it
  • Speaking to the police regarding any criminal activity 
  • Welcoming and taking visitors to the appropriate people
  • Restraining people and stopping them from posing a threat to the public or themselves 
  • Search belongings, people and vehicles
How much experience do you have?
Pride GB has over 30 years of experience in the security industry and they are a proud leader in their field.


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