What Is A Security Dog Handler?

Dog handler security refers to having security professionals present who are specially trained to protect you, your business and your events in the most effective way through the means of searching people, vehicles and property with the help of highly trained security dogs.

As well as conducting searches, dog handler security guards and the dogs they work with are very effective deterrents for all criminals and their activities. The mere presence of security dogs can mean that you can reduce the number of security guards required for many different premises, as the clearly advertised presence of dogs is often enough to deter intruders.

Effective dog handler security has the potential to protect commercial, industrial and retail premises across the UK, alongside electronic, uniformed and physical security measures where necessary. But when it comes to using security dogs as a means of protection for your property or premises, what can they offer you over other means of security?

Security Dog Handlers Provide Improved Protection

It doesn’t matter what it is you are protecting your property from; it could be preventing squatters from occupying your vacant property, you may be protecting a full warehouse of goods, an isolated industrial estate from burglary or maintaining crowd control at a public event, security guards with dogs are all fully trained to deal with all of these situations. Unlike bailiffs confronting those with outstanding mortgage payments, or other outstanding debts being dealt with through communication. Security Dog Handlers are usually called upon once communication breaks down and force has become the only option.

Having dogs is very effective as a lone security guard may find themselves outnumbered in certain cases. They also provide a level of protection for your security guards as well, who will establish a good working relationship with their dog. This level of trust between the handlers and the security dogs is important which is why there is such great importance on training dog handlers and their dogs. 

Duties Of A Security Dog

As with our security guards, the security dogs and handlers have a routine list of duties when it comes to protection. These include:

  • To have the ability to guard any properties as requested in the presence and/or the absence of the owner
  • Protect lives which may be at risk
  • To attack when necessary and defend you and your property during confrontations which may have become out of control and violent
  • Chasing after criminals that have fled the scene
  • To sniff and detect any illegal or dangerous substances such as guns, drugs or anything of the like
  • Tracking and trailing
  • To pull out wounded people in disasters by which they may be trapped
  • To guard livestock and poultry, both from others and from trying to get out