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Traveller Eviction

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At Pride GB Security there are many other Jobs that we are excellently equipped to deal with. These include , Traveller evictions , Removal of protestors , Security Operations & Close protection operators. We are one of the UK’s leading Security Guard services because of our wide understanding of the security sector and as well as continued trust with our clients.- and each Job we are tasked with we carry out certain contingencies so we can give you the best and highest quality service possible.

We are able to help you with removing travellers from your property / private land. There are a couple ways to remove travellers from your private property , but none as fast , safe and secure as hiring us to deal with your problem. You can get a Court order but this takes time and is much more expensive then allowing us to to deal with this task.

Other options include dealing with it yourself – however this is a dangerous and risky action to take on. Our Security Guards and K9 Security Dog handlers have the experience and knowledge of the laws and procedures to deal with task whilst abiding by the law and any health and safety procedures.