Here at Pride GB, we know all about the effectiveness of security dogs. We have created this piece to answer the question; what are security dogs used for? Certified Security dogs are a proven asset in the reduction of theft, criminal damage and violent behaviour. Security Dogs are also used as sniffer dogs to detect explosives, narcotics and other threatening materials. They are a proven option when all other avenues have not worked. Dogs are incredibly intelligent animals, they have the ability to detect movements and noises that would be otherwise missed by a security officer patrolling on his/her own.

Security dogs are a formidable defence, they offer a visual deterrent to any would-be criminals. When a criminal hears a dog growling or barking they are not going to want to risk being chased or bitten, so are far less likely to break into protected premises. A dog’s ability to react quickly is very useful when it comes to security work. A security dog is THE best option and the ultimate protection especially when it comes to certain guarding breeds who are trained for the job.

A dog’s nature is a curious one. To a dog, strangers and things out of the ordinary are something that it will pick up on immediately and indicate to its handler. Security dogs are incredibly reliable and have the intelligence to differentiate between a perceived threat and something that is not.


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How dogs provide security & Types of security dogs


General Purpose Security Patrol Dogs

Security patrol dogs are responsible for guarding premises and large open spaces to secure perimeters against intruders. As part of their job, they are also trained to protect their handler, barking at intruders that they locate and apprehending them. Working patrol dogs also can detect anything suspicious by using their keen sense of smell, sight and sound. They are trained to pick up and indicate these to their handler who will then carry out the necessary checks to determine a cause of the indication. 


Security Patrol Dogs are a valuable asset when securing sites that are vulnerable to damage or theft. With the ability to be deployed quickly and at short notice means Security Dogs are an excellent and cost-effective solution to issues arising on sites.


Detection Dogs

Sniffer dogs employ their senses to search and detect illegal substances such as narcotics, explosives or firearms on individuals, in cars, in open spaces or in a building. These dogs are well used in both the public and private sectors, Sniffer dogs are widely used in the emergency services as their sense of smell is used for a number of vital roles.

Explosive Detection Dogs

These dogs are highly disciplined and often taught in this line of work from an early age. These dogs vary in breed and undergo numerous strict tests to make sure they are effective in their line of work with the armed forces and emergency services. 

Personal Protection Dogs

Personal dogs offer protection to their owners. They can be trained either through courses or accredited training facilities to ensure that they are trained to protect their owners in the correct manner.

Which Breed We Would Recommend 

All our dogs at Pride security services have been specially trained for their specific roles. Each breed has something to offer each service and our four-legged colleagues are valuable members. Commonly, most dog handlers opt for Dobermans, Rottweilers, German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois for patrolling, as they are obedient and naturally protective, fearless, alert and intelligent.


Pride GB

Pride GB offers security dogs for a number of sectors and industries. You can find out more about our services by inquiring with our team. Be sure to contact us to find out more about our security dogs.



Our trained security dogs are an effective deterrent against intruders. We provide a NASDU accredited K9 security service in which our qualified and highly trained dogs and handlers will guard and protect your premises.



There is no better way to protect your property than to employ static security officers. Pride GB offers highly skilled, dedicated, fully licensed, and uniformed security officers to safeguard your premises at any time.



Pride GB’s mobile patrol service provides a highly effective and visible deterrent. Our committed, skilled, and uniformed security officers can patrol your premises when needed and always strive to provide the best service possible.



We have an excellent reputation providing key holding and alarm response services. Our highly trained staff work in accordance with British Standards to take action when an alarm is activated. They will attend your site and deal with any incidents to secure your property.


Reliable, Static and K9 Security Dog Patrols



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