The services of static security guards are very beneficial to the existence of any business or property. You could see Static security guards just about everywhere and anywhere, be it in residential areas, malls, banks, convenience stores, hospitals, industrial areas, or construction sites, their services are always needed. They are possibly the most popular and most common type of security service in existence.

At the core of the duties static security guards perform is being the first point of call to maintain law and order wherever they are sent to. They are usually assigned to specific locations at a time, usually deployed as required, to man the access points and exit points of a building, restricted area, site, or area against unauthorised people.

In short, static security guards are the first point of security at any of the aforementioned locations. They primarily protect the lives and properties against theft, loss, chaos, disputes, or harm in any form within their designated point of service. This may involve routine inspections as and when needed.

One thing about the role static security guards play is the versatility that comes with it. One minute their services are required in controlling a crowd at a concert, and the next minute they are manning the entrance of a restaurant. This is to say that their presence is always needed on-premise.

When selecting static security guards, it is important to ensure that you are getting the best possible service, in terms of having the necessary skills and training to carry out any assignment at any given time. This is why Pride GB Security offers the service of highly skilled fully licensed static security guards, who are committed, dependable, and always prepared to get the job done. But before you seek the services of our static security guards, it is important to gain a full understanding of what they do.

Apart from the aforementioned duties of a static security guard, the following are some other duties our static security guards do.

Visual Deterrent

With the very presence of static security guards onsite, thieves and criminals will be more dissuaded from attempting a break-in. Also, because the security service is a static type, this is a means of doubling up security as alarms and cameras would not be tampered with.

Static Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering

Static security guards serve as human surveillance, taking in even the slightest of details to identify and prevent any form of chaos. Some of the information they gather from being onsite surveillance via routine checks, may likely not prove useful immediately but in the long run.

Reduction and Prevention of Resources Wastage

Static security guards also undertake the duty of reducing the onsite energy bills, by being mindful of the carbon footprints there. This involves simple things like ensuring all lights, air-conditioning systems, and other systems are turned off when everyone is out. They also look out to alert onsite designated authority of materials carelessly kept, making sure they are taken to safety.

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