Construction site security is the process and deterrents you can put in place to minimise the risk of theft. A construction site holds a lot of value. As a naive person, you may believe stealing machinery and workers’ possessions isn’t worth the risk or the money, after all, where’s the huge market for it? You may be surprised to find out that approximately £1 billion of construction tools and equipment is stolen nationwide every year and over 90% of these losses come from active construction sites. This data comes from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, a very reputable source. Another factor to consider is the safety of anyone coming onto the construction site. As construction sites are dangerous, trespassers could also disrupt the areas of wiring or come across hazardous materials causing harm, or even death. 

In this blog, we will talk about the risks of not having construction site security, how construction site security can benefit you and what you can do to make your construction site more safe and secure. Read ahead to know what construction site security is! 

The threats not having construction site security brings: 

  • Disruption to the site: When people trespass onto a construction site, regardless of stolen items, there’s always something that gets vandalised. This means extra costs for the business, even if they don’t end up stealing anything. 
  • Stealing: This can include a range of different materials and construction matters such as structures, tools, equipment, plant hire, fuel and even workers possessions and assets. 
  • Nobody can put a price on life: From not wearing protective clothing and equipment, the thieves could get badly hurt. Not only this but the disruption they cause could lead to a risk of safety for the construction site members.

What is construction site security?

Construction site security refers to the process of making sure your site is secure, for the safety of your staff and the public. It is also used to save money on construction materials that opportunistic thieves may take a fancy to. 

What is construction site security? – Measures to take to make sure your site is secure

Above all else, you need to make sure that you embed robust security to ensure that you support the economic development of the site. Most owners of construction sites get an external security contractor so they can get a range of security services to enable maximum construction site security. 

What is construction site security?- Here are some security measures that you can use in order to improve your site’s security

CCTV: CCTV is recommended by experts around the world. It’s no wonder that they do recommend it as it is believed that if people had CCTV cameras at home, 67% of burglaries could be prevented.

Guard dogs: Guard dogs are not only a man’s best friend, they are also extremely intelligent and when properly trained can bark to alert people in the surrounding area and deter burglars. Research has shown that on average, over 65% of criminals are unlikely to attempt breaking and entering if they are aware that there are guard dogs on the premises. 

Manned guarding: Manned guarding is the biggest deterrent for theft and vandalism. Anyone who looks suspicious could be deterred from a simple chat, for example, ‘Hi, you okay, who are you looking for?’. This isn’t the only benefit! Manned guarding can also reduce insurance costs, meaning extra security could actually save you money!

Key Holding and surveillance: You can ask a security business to hold keys for you so that in the event of a security breach, the scene can be quickly attended to. This also means that staff don’t have to get up in the middle of the night and suffer the loss of sleep for their next working day. 

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